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Decisions published

08/06/2021 - BLACKPOOL LOCAL PLAN UPDATED LOCAL DEVELOPMENT SCHEME - 2021 ref: 1853    Recommendations Approved

To consider the updated Local Development Scheme (LDS) which outlines the remaining production timetable for the Blackpool Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies document and the timetable for the commencement of the review of the Blackpool Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy. 


This document replaces the 2020 LDS which you will recall was previously approved on 14 January 2021.  There have been some minor amendments to this document which are required to ensure the LDS is up to date when the Local Plan Part 2 is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate:


     The Local Plan Part 2 submission date has been amended to June 2021 with subsequent dates amended.

     SPD deadlines have been revised.

     Core Strategy review dates have been amended.

          Current team status has been updated

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member for Business, Enterprise and Job Creation

Decision published: 08/06/2021

Effective from: 12/06/2021


To approve the updated Local Development Scheme 2021 attached at Appendix 'A' to be published on the Council's website.


02/06/2021 - PROVISION OF COMMERCIAL GAS SERVICING AND MAINTENANCE ref: 1849    Recommendations Approved

To confirm the outcome of the recent tender exercise undertaken for the Provision of Commercial Gas Servicing and Maintenance

Decision Maker: Director of Resources

Decision published: 02/06/2021

Effective from: 02/06/2021


To approve the appointment of the supplier named in 3.1 namely. Sure Maintenance Ltd – Liverpool.


01/06/2021 - LICENSING DECISIONS FOR THE WEEK ENDING 31 MAY 2021 ref: 1848    Recommendations Approved

The Head of Licensing Service deals with a number of requests for licences under the Licensing Act, the Gambling Act and other pieces of legislations. Details of the licences, applied for and granted are outlined in the report.

Decision Maker: Head of Licensing Service

Decision published: 01/06/2021

Effective from: 01/06/2021


The Head of Licensing Service agreed to grant the licences as set out in the attached Appendices.