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Agenda item


For the Health and Wellbeing Board to be aware of the newly published Pan-Lancashire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.



The Board considered the updated Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment which had been completed across a pan-Lancashire footprint, which outlined the pharmaceutical services available to the population and also included a number of key recommendations covering the period 2022 through to 20245. Mr Stephen Boydell, Principal Epimedologist,  explained that the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment would once approved be used to support NHS England in making decisions to approve/reject applications to join the pharmaceutical list (also known as market entry), as well as applications to change existing pharmaceutical services. The Board noted that when making a decision NHS England would be required to refer to this document as the local Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.


The Board noted that a significant finding of the updating of the needs assessment was that Blackpool was currently well served for pharmaceutical services with virtually all residents within a fifteen minute walk of a pharmacy.




1.     To approve the new Pan-Lancashire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022 – 2025.


2.     To note the finding that there is currently no need for any further additional pharmacies as current pharmaceutical service provision is deemed adequate across Blackpool.


3.     To note the recommendations from the Pan-Lancashire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022 – 2025.




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