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Agenda item


The Shareholder Committee to consider for approval the associated policy documents to accompany the governance framework that has been adopted by all companies. 


Ms Lorraine Hurst, Company Secretary presented the report to the Committee and highlighted the documents that had been developed in particular the Non-executive director agreement, the Senior management disciplinary and grievance roles and responsibilities and role descriptions for the Board Chair, Audit Chair and Employment Committee Chair.

The Shareholder Committee considered the report and the suite of documents.


Shareholder Committee decision:


1.      To approve the governance framework documents and policies for all wholly-owned companies within the Council group.

2.      For the Shareholder to request that company Boards adopt the policies and other documents at the next round of Board meetings.

3.      That the Company Secretary updates the documents where necessary.

Reason for the decision:

The Shareholder Committee has a role to ensure that companies within its group have robust governance arrangements based on guidance available and best practice. These documents that accompany the governance framework have been developed on this basis and will provide consistent policies across the group.

Other options considered:

None, the absence of governance documents would pose a governance risk to the Council.

Date of decision:


15 July 2021.

Supporting documents: