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To consider planning application 20/0352 for the erection of a four storey extension to the hotel to form an additional 74 bedrooms; single storey rear extension, plantroom on the roof and additional parking spaces to the rear, with new access and egress to the car park.



NOTE:  Councillor D Coleman re-joined the meeting prior to consideration of this item.


The Committee considered planning application 20/0352 that sought permission for the erection of a four storey extension to the hotel to form an additional 74 bedrooms; single storey rear extension, plantroom on the roof and additional parking spaces to the rear, with new access and egress to the car park.


Ms Parker, Head of Development Management, provided an overview of the application and presented site location and layout plans and an aerial view of the site. She also referred to the update note that proposed the removal of condition 12 should permission be granted, and a flyer sent by the applicant to neighbouring residents.  Ms Parker advised that the proposed extension replicated the design of the original building.  She also reported on the planned reconfiguration of the existing car park to provide a single access route and repairs to the alleyway.  She advised on her view of the benefits of the proposal in terms of the quality of the development and contribution to the resort’s hotel offer.  Ms Parker reminded the Committee that commercial competition was not a valid planning consideration.  She also referred to the requirement for a construction management plan should the application be approved which would control the hours of construction and highlighted the proposed CCTV provision to mitigate anti-social behaviour.  Whilst Ms Parker acknowledged the limited on-street parking provision, she highlighted the accessible location and the requirement for a travel plan to be agreed through a relevant condition.


Mr Pyatt, member of the public, spoke in objection to the application.  In his view the proposed development represented a breach of the core principles of town and country planning and would result in a loss of jobs. He also advised on his view of the impact that the proposed development would have on existing local businesses.  He also raised concerns regarding the operators and referred to previous issues experienced during the construction of the hotel.  Further issues related to the lack of capacity in the existing utilities infrastructure and the impact on residents from increased demand on these resources, and anti-social behaviour concerns.


Mrs Whadcock, member of the public, also spoke in objection to the application.  Her main concerns included the impact on her livelihood and increased parking issues following the opening of the hotel.  She advised on her view of the lack of transport surveys undertaken and the significant level of traffic in the area. Further concerns related to the hotel’s policy of not charging its guests for car parking which in her view impacted negatively on the availability of on-street parking in the area and she suggested that parking issues could be mitigated by the hotel changing its policy and offering free parking to its guests.


Ms Wright, member of the public and local resident, also spoke in objection to the application.  Her main concern related to her view of the significant parking issues experienced in the area.


Mr Mathison, on behalf of the applicant, Create Developments (Blackpool) Ltd, spoke in support of the proposal and advised on his view of the benefits of the proposal in terms of attracting year round visitors to the town as well as corporate visitors in view of the future conference facility. He acknowledged residents’ concerns in relation to car parking and major construction and advised on the measures taken to mitigate the impact as detailed in the flyer referred to earlier in the meeting.  He advised on Council investigations to introduce parking initiatives to alleviate parking issues and confirmed his support for the initiatives. 


Councillor O’Hara, Ward Councillor, spoke on the application, with his main concerns being his view of the significant impact on the amenity of vulnerable local residents from the lack of car parking provision.  He asked that the Committee defer the application to enable consultation to take place between the developer and residents to resolve the issues. 


Councillor Robertson, Ward Councillor, also spoke on the application, and raised significant concerns relating to increased parking issues, including the loss of a large number of car parking spaces which would exacerbate the current issues, impact local hoteliers and have an impact on on-street parking in the wider area.  He requested that the Committee considered deferral of the application to enable the developers and the Council to investigate initiatives to resolve the parking issue.


Ms Parker responded to concerns raised by referring to the controls and enforcement options available for breaches of a construction management plan.  She reminded the Committee that Utilities were not a valid planning consideration. In relation to the size of the proposed extension, Ms Parker reported on the requirement for the development to be financially viable. Ms Parker also referred to the applicant’s agreement to resurface the rear alleyway and suggested an additional condition be attached in relation to this, should the application be approved.  The additional condition could also include off street highway works and a Traffic Regulation Order to prevent parking in the area.  The Head of Transportation had indicated the cost of the Traffic Regulation Order to be in the region of £10,000.


The Committee considered the application and noted the benefits to the area and town from the proposed development, however also acknowledged the significant parking concerns and its impact on residents and local businesses.  It also noted the ongoing investigations into potential initiatives to resolve the parking issues.  Mr Mathison, on behalf of the developer and in response to a question from the Committee, agreed to support a parking initiative in principle and accept a condition requiring the necessary highway works and an off-site parking management scheme on the understanding that a developer contribution of up to £10,000 would be required. .  Ms Parker, responding to a further question from the Committee, confirmed the Head of Transportation’s commitment to the implementation of a parking scheme.


Resolved: That the application be approved, subject to the conditions, including an additional condition requiring agreement and implementation of a scheme for off-site highway works to include parking management and for the reasons outlined in the decision notice.


The decision notice, when available, can be accessed via the link below:



 Background papers: Applications, plans and replies to consultations on the application.


Supporting documents: