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Agenda item


The Committee will be requested to consider an application for planning permission,

details of which are set out in the accompanying report.


The Committee considered planning application 19/0588 requesting permission for the erection of three detached bungalows with associated access road.


Miss Parker, Head of Development Management, provided the Committee with an overview of the application and presented an aerial view of the site and the proposed site layout and location plans.  She advised that the site was located in a designated area of countryside and outlined the broad principles of Policy NE2 of the Local Plan that sought to direct development to brownfield sites to safeguard the character of the countryside.  She referred to the officer’s recommendation to refuse the application as it represented inappropriate development in the countryside and referred to the technological information received raising highway safety, drainage and flood risk concerns.  Ms Parker reported on a further objection received from Natural England that could potentially be overcome but it had not been considered reasonable to request further work to be undertaken in view of the current recommendation for refusal.  This also applied to the potential to redesign the property closest to the road to address visual impact.


Councillor Singleton, Fylde Borough Councillor for Staining and Weeton Villages, spoke in objection to the application.  His main concerns related to flooding in the area and its impact on local residents, the location of the proposed development within open countryside and his view that the proposed development would join Staining to Blackpool.  Councillor Angel, Staining Parish Council, also spoke in objection to the application highlighting the rural setting and character of the area and his view of the impact on local residents from the proposed development in terms of noise and disturbance and loss of light and privacy.  Mrs Knowles, local resident, also spoke in objection to the application highlighting the detrimental impact she had experienced personally from flooding.  Mr Titford, local resident, spoke against the application highlighting the need to preserve the biodiverse character of the area and his view of the detrimental impact of the proposed development on local habitat.  Mr Monks, local resident, spoke in objection to the application advising on his recent move into the area and questioned the health and safety of building more properties when in his view the current drainage capacity was insufficient for the existing properties.


Miss Parker, Head of Development Management, advised the Committee of e-mail correspondence she had received from highways and drainage officers since publication of the Update Note stating that further research had indicated that a potential solution may be available to overcome the objections regarding flooding.  However, she highlighted that this potential solution had not been investigated and was not included in the application currently before Committee.  She reminded Members that the concerns regarding the impact on the character of the area and highway safety remained unchanged.


Mr Beardmore, applicant, spoke in support of the application.  He highlighted other developments in the countryside area which represented a departure from policy.  He referred to a shortfall in housing provision and the benefit of the proposed development in terms of providing quality housing and enabling local residents to downsize into bungalows, improvements to a derelict area of land and positive impact of the proposed development on the community of Staining.  He also disputed the objections raised and did not consider that the proposed development would be responsible for flooding in the area.


Councillor Stansfield, Ward Councillor, referred to the applicant’s previous applications for the site and his efforts to address all the issues raised.  He disputed the issue raised regarding access to the site and questioned the objection from United Utilities to the proposed development in view of the fact that it had raised no objection to a previous application that had proposed a greater number of properties.  He advised on his view of the benefits of the proposed development and highlighted the significant area of countryside that would still be available following the development.


Miss Parker, Head of Development Management, reminded the Committee that whilst other applications had been granted for housing developments in the countryside area, they were not comparable in terms of the size and benefits gained.  She also reminded the Committee that the Council was now able to demonstrate its ability to meet its five year housing supply requirement and referred to the inaccessibility of the site in terms of local facilities and transport. 


Responding to a question from the Committee regarding access to the site, Mr Patel, Network Planning and Projects Manager, reported on the recommended highway standards for the site indicating that whilst the proposed development would not be required to meet these standards, because the road would be unadopted, it was recommended that they should be followed.


The Committee considered the application and noted the United Utilities’ concerns regarding the drainage scheme. 


Resolved:  To refuse the application for the reasons outlined in the decision notice which can be accessed via the link below:




Background papers:  Applications, plans and replies to consultations on the application.


NOTE:  Motion moved, seconded, voted upon and lost


During consideration of this item the following motion was moved, seconded, voted upon and lost:


‘That the application be approved.’


Supporting documents: