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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Committee Room A, Blackpool Town Hall, Blackpool, FY1 1AH

Contact: Sharon Davis  01253 477213

No. Item



Members are asked to declare any interests in the items under consideration and in doing so state:


(1) the type of interest concerned either a


(a)   personal interest

(b)   prejudicial interest

(c)    disclosable pecuniary interest (DPI)




(2) the nature of the interest concerned


If any member requires advice on declarations of interests, they are advised to contact the Head of Democratic Governance in advance of the meeting.


There were no declarations of interest on this occasion.



To discuss the requirements of Scrutiny Members in the receipt of performance information relating to the Council Plan and key performance indicators for 2019/2020.

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Ms Kate Aldridge, Head of Delivery and Performance posed a number of questions to the Scrutiny Leadership Board in order to commence discussions relating to the future reporting of performance data. She highlighted that the Corporate Delivery Unit could provide a number of roles for the Scrutiny function from the provision and analysis of performance data to mapping the impact of scrutiny work and whether it had achieved change.


In relation to Council Plan performance data reporting, Members highlighted the importance of being able to measure progress against objectives on an annual basis in order to determine whether particular projects or priorities were on course to be achieved by the end of the Plan in 2024. Ms Aldridge advised that some projects did not run for the whole lifespan of the Plan, whilst others might be projected to continue after the Plan’s end date of 2024. It was reported that, currently, targets were set on a one to two year timescale, however, consideration could be given to setting longer range targets in appropriate areas such as capital projects.


The Board also discussed the potential use of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) to monitor progress made against objectives in the Council Plan such as achieving a healthier population. In response, Ms Aldridge confirmed that data relating to smoking cessation and alcohol for example could be used to measure such targets but that it must be noted that not all JSNA data was measured on an annual basis and that data could look static when it had not been measured for a number of years.


It was queried whether the Corporate Delivery Unit could provide data relating to the success of strategies and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Strategy was used as an example. The Strategy contained a number of objectives that Members would like to ensure could be monitored for impact. Ms Aldridge advised that performance on such strategies could be measured and reported back by exception. It was noted that there were a large number of strategies at the Council and the Scrutiny Committees must determine which were of importance and required review.


The Board agreed that:

1.      The Scrutiny Committees continue to receive key performance indicator reporting on a regular basis.

2.      Reporting on performance of strategies and increased used of targets and timelines in reporting be explored further.


FORWARD PLAN pdf icon PDF 408 KB

To review the Forward Plan, October 2019 – January 2020 to determine areas for further scrutiny.


The Scrutiny Leadership Board considered the Forward Plan, October 2019 to January 2020 and noted that new decisions had been added to the Forward Plan on Drug and Alcohol Strategies. It was noted that there had been no involvement of the Adult Social Care and Health Scrutiny Committee of these Strategies and that the Committee had not been advised that the Strategies were being revised. It was agreed that the relevant Cabinet Member and Director be contacted to determine potential input from the Committee going forward.


Members noted that further input into policy and strategy development was a key priority for Scrutiny and Mrs Sharon Davis, Scrutiny Manager advised that the policy development framework form had been amended to include reference to Scrutiny. The importance of Scrutiny Members being curious and asking questions about policy development was highlighted as was the importance of prioritising which policy and strategy Scrutiny Members should input into.


It was also noted that the consultees listed for the decision to be taken on Investment Strategy for Council Homes only included Blackpool Coastal Housing Board and it was requested that further information be sought regarding the decision to be taken and the consultees.


The Board requested that Mrs Sharon Davis, Scrutiny Manager make the enquiries relating to the Forward Plan and report back.



To review the new statutory scrutiny guidance, identifying areas and initiatives for implementation in Blackpool.


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Mrs Sharon Davis, Scrutiny Manager presented a report on the new statutory scrutiny guidance and outlined the key themes throughout the guidance, focussing on the importance of the culture of the authority and planning and carrying out work.


The Board discussed raising the profile in detail and noted the importance of involving officers outside of the Management Team in scrutiny and demonstrating that scrutiny could be a positive experience. It was also queried whether social media could be used to canvass the opinions of members of the public in relation to items to be considered by Scrutiny Committees. It was agreed that use of social media would be investigated.


It was also noted that lists of key contacts for some committees were being established to try and target appropriate public representation at meetings.


The Board agreed to investigate the use of social media in seeking items for scrutiny and seeking input into items to be considered.





To review the work of the Scrutiny Leadership Board and the Scrutiny Committees, and to approve the Channel Shift Scrutiny Review Scoping Document and establish the review panel.

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At the request of the Chairman, each Scrutiny Committee Chairman was asked to set out their core aims for their Committee over the next few years. Key aims were identified as the improvement of Mental Health Services, the challenge of the new Integrated Care System, how Children’s Social Care was run and the impact on Looked After Children, secondary education and home elective education and having an impact on tackling climate change, environmental impact and regeneration. The importance of housing and homelessness were also acknowledged.


The Scrutiny Leadership Board agreed its workplan for the remainder of 2019/2020 and approved the Channel Shift Scrutiny Review scoping document. It was agreed that the first exploratory meeting of the review take place on 29 October 2019.


In addition, the Chairman of Audit highlighted that the concerns raised at the last Audit Committee meeting regarding elective home education had been fed into the Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Committee through the Chair who had been in attendance at the meeting.


Members also noted concerns regarding the progress of the tramway and it was noted that the Chairman of the Tourism, Economy and Communities Scrutiny Committee had an upcoming meeting with relevant officers on Town Centre Regeneration and would raise the concerns.


The Board agreed:

1.     To approve the workplan.

2.     To approve the Channel Shift Scrutiny Review scoping document and establish the review.



To note the date and time of the next informal meeting of the Scrutiny Leadership Board as Tuesday, 29 October 2019.


The Scrutiny Leadership Board noted the date of their next informal meeting as Tuesday, 29 October 2019, commencing at 6.00pm. To be preceded by the first exploratory meeting of the Channel Shift Scrutiny Review Panel to commence at 4.30pm that same day.