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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Committee Room A, Town Hall, Blackpool

Contact: Lennox Beattie  Executive and Regulatory Manager

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To agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 20 June 2018 as a true and correct record.


The Board considered the minutes of the last meeting held on the 20 June 2018.




That the minutes of the meeting held on 20 June 2018 be approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.




To provide the Board with an update on the details of the Blackpool Better Care Fund (BCF) 2018-19.


Additional documents:


Mr Maddocks, Senior Accountant, Blackpool Council presented the Board with an update on progress on the Better Care Fund 2018-19. 


The Board noted that the Section 75 agreement between Blackpool Council and Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group, had been refreshed in accordance with Better Care Fund requirements.  The refreshed agreement had been considered by the Council’s Legal Services and was currently awaiting final approval.  Mr Maddocks referred the Board to the Integration and Better Care Fund Operating Guidance for 2017-19 and the Q1 Better Care Fund Reporting Template that had been attached as appendices to the report. The Board was also referred to the detailed Delayed Transfer of Care (DToC) information report and in particular the performance for the period April 2018 – July 2018, during which NHS had achieved target for three months out of four during the period and the Local Authority had moved significantly closer to achieving its target than in previous years. 


The Board noted the increase in the pooled budget for 2018-19.  It also noted that the Local Authority’s contribution to the pooled budget was made up in part from the improved Better Care Fund (iBCF) which would end in 2019-20, thereby creating a budget pressure for 2020-21.  The Board acknowledged the need to take a broader view across the Fylde Coast of the impact on service provision from the future loss of iBCF funding.




1.      To note the update on the Blackpool Better Care Fund 2018-19.


2.      To agree to receive a further update report on Blackpool Better Care Fund at the next meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board.



To present “From the Ground Up: Annual report on the health of the people of Blackpool 2017” the Director of Public Health’s latest annual independent assessment of local health needs, determinants and concerns.

Additional documents:


Prior to consideration of this item, the Chairman circulated to the Board a press release from the Council that provided details on the launch of a  new mental health campaign, ‘Get Vocal’ that focussed on promoting ways in which individuals could improve their mental wellbeing.  He emphasised the campaign’s link to the issues outlined within the Public Health Annual Report 2017.  The launch date had coincided with World Mental Health Day.


Dr Rajpura, Director of Public Health, Blackpool Council, presented the Public Health Annual Report 2017.  He reported on the improvements in a number of key health indicators in the last 10 years which included a reduction in early deaths from heart disease, cancer, suicide and teenage pregnancies rates.  He highlighted emerging challenges in relation to self-harm and drug and alcohol abuse. There had been an increase in drug related deaths over recent years and Dr Rajpura advised the Board on a number of initiatives being undertaken to reverse the current trend.


The Board was referred to Section 2 of the Report that provided a detailed analysis of the impact of housing on health indicators. The emerging picture from the analysis showed that low cost housing accommodation was driving inward migration of less healthy and less educated members of the population and outward migration of healthier people.  Dr Rajpura welcomed the Council’s future Housing Strategy which would included a restructure of the current housing stock.


Following Dr Rajpura’s report, the Board held a lengthy discussion on mental health provision and noted the rising rate of self-harm and suicides which was significantly above the national average. It also noted the new ‘Get Vocal’ campaign and acknowledged the need for the campaign message to be spread as widely as possible throughout the local community.  The Board considered the issue timely and linked to the Public Health Annual Report 2017.


The Board acknowledged the need for further interventions in the local community to address mental health issues prior to crisis point and noted the increased pressure on partner organisations as a result of the current mental health service provision. Further pressures included the increased demands for mental health services from an ageing population. Board Members further discussed the need to fully understand the scale of the problem and the need to develop a comprehensive mental health pathway.


The Board also discussed the engagement of Lancashire Care Foundation Trust at a strategic level and in particular the attendance of its representatives at Health and Wellbeing Board meetings.  It also noted the recent appointment of a Minister for Suicide Prevention. It agreed that a special meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board would be arranged to discuss mental health provision, with a need to ensure representation from all partner organisations and in particular Lancashire Care Foundation Trust.  It was also agreed that an invitation to the meeting would be forwarded to the Minister for Suicide Prevention.




1.To note the Public Health Annual Report 2017.


2.To endorse the report’s headline statements namely:


·         To  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.



To consult members of the Health and Wellbeing Board on the draft Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy for Blackpool.



Mr Hawkin, Chief Operating Officer, Blackpool Council, presented the draft Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy to the Board.  He advised on the background for the development of the Strategy, its scope and key high level recommendations. 


Mr Hawkin advised the Board that the scope of the Strategy included all green and blue open space both in public and private ownership and reported on the low tree canopy cover within Blackpool. Mr Hawkin reported on the health, environmental and economical benefits of improving the quality and provision of green and blue space and in encouraging the local community to utilise the space. 


Ms Mills, Consultant in Public Health, Blackpool Council, presented the draft Action Plan for the Strategy.  The intention was to deliver the Plan through a few flagship schemes and 1001 individual, neighbourhood and organisational actions.  The Strategic Actions were presented which included the incorporation of green and blue infrastructure into the Town Strategy update and the Masterplans for the Leisure Quarter and Enterprise Zone.  Ms Mills reported on several initiatives designed at encouraging residents and tourists to benefit from green and blue infrastructure and proposed actions for businesses and public sector organisations to encourage the adoption of innovative ways to introduce green and blue infrastructure into building developments and adopt part of the green and blue infrastructure public realm.  In terms of street trees, Ms Mills highlighted the creation of a street tree planting plan to include key transport gateways to the town.  Following the presentation the Board was asked to comment on the Strategy and Action Plan.


The Board noted Blackpool Council’s duty to co-operate with other local authorities on housing developments that bordered both areas.  The tension between the Council’s Local Plan in terms of its requirement for housing supply was also acknowledged and Ms Mills reported on the intended actions to work alongside colleagues in the Council’s planning department to incorporate green and blue infrastructure through planning processes.  The Board acknowledged the importance of street tree planting and considered that the quality and the appropriateness of the trees used was key to success.  The Board considered the importance of consultation with business leaders and schools and colleges.  With regards to the 1001 actions in the draft strategy, it was suggested that consideration could be given to expanding the remit of the green team to include hospitals and mental health initiatives.


In terms of support from the Board for the emerging Strategy, Ms Mills highlighted the need to engage representatives from key organisations within the private and public sector and the Board suggested that it would be beneficial for further presentations to be delivered to partner organisations.




1.  To request an update on progress on the draft Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy 2018 to 2027 at its next meeting.


2.  To recommend that partner organisations request a presentation on the draft Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy 2018 to 2027.




To note the date of next meeting as the 5 December 2018.




1.  To note the date of the next meeting as 5 December 2018.

2.  To note that it had been agreed to hold a special Board meeting to consider mental health service provision, with the date of the meeting to be confirmed.