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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Committee Room A, Town Hall, Blackpool

Contact: Lennox Beattie  Executive and Regulatory Manager

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MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING HELD ON 7 September 2016 pdf icon PDF 338 KB

To agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 7 September 2016 as a true and correct record.


The Board considered the minutes of the last meeting held on the 7 September 2016.




That the minutes of the meeting held on the 7 September 2016 be approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.



To consider the Public Health Annual Report 2015 the purpose of which is to present the Director of Public Health’s independent assessment of local health needs, determinants and concerns.


Additional documents:


The Board considered the Public Health annual report 2015 which presented to the Board the Director of Public Health’s independent assessment of local health needs, determinants and concerns.


Mrs Lynn Donkin gave a brief presentation outlining the four key areas addressed in the report namely progress on last year’s recommendations, protecting health, improving health and healthcare.


In terms of the progress on last year’s recommendations, Mrs Donkin reminded members that the recommendations were based around the Due North report on health equity in the North West. A number of these recommendations including the Blackpool Alcohol Inquiry, the Better Start programme, Blackpool Housing Company and the Community farm/shop had been integrated into the updated Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


Mrs Donkin highlighted a number of successes in protecting health including the introduction of a rating system for tattooing and body-piercing and the improvements in bathing water quality. She then highlighted two areas for further work the take up of pre-school boosters and the take up of flu vaccination for health care professionals.


Mrs Donkin then outlined progress in terms of improving health noting that an update on the Healthy Weight Strategy was included elsewhere on the agenda and highlighted that further recommendations were outlined to build further on the successes of the Tobacco Control Strategy.


Mrs Donkin then briefly outlined the areas covered by the healthcare area of the report noting that the Board received regular updates on the New Models of Care had already been received by the Board.




1.      To receive the Public Health Annual Report 2015.


2.      To endorse the recommendations made in the report namely:


1.      That NHS England/Public Health England should lead work to improve the take up of the second dose of the MMR vaccine.

  1. The Clinical Commissioning Group should take a lead role in the coordination and planning of activities to promote take up of seasonal flu locally.
  2. That Partner organisations and the local business community be encouraged to follow the Council’s lead in taking action to promote healthier weight and consider adopting their own Declarations on Healthier Weight.
  3. That Organisations across the town should continue to take a multi-faceted approach to reducing rates of smoking in pregnancy.
  4. Public health staff should continue to work with the NHS to maximise opportunities in the prevention agenda as a key part of New Models of Care.
  5. That the Council’s Public Health Team should undertake a health equity audit for the Health Checks programme to identify opportunities to improve the performance, quality and outcomes of the local programme.




To present an update to the Board on the progress with regard to the implementation of Blackpool’s Healthier Weight Strategy, and to provide a brief on the recently released National Child Obesity Strategy.




The Board received an update on the Healthy Weight Strategy from Mrs Lynn Donkin, Public Health Specialist, and Mrs Nicky Dennison, Senior Public Health Practitioner on the implementation of the Healthy Weight Strategy.


Mrs Dennison highlighted key areas of the implementation of the strategy since December 2015 in particular that Blackpool Council had adopted the Local Authority Declaration on Healthier Weight, becoming the first authority in the country to do so. She equally highlighted the implementation of Healthy Vending Guidelines and healthier catering.


It was noted several local pieces of work had featured as good practice case studies in national documents most notably the giving up loving pop (GULP) campaign.


The Board noted the recent release by the government  the National Child Obesity Strategy.  The strategy included 14 areas for action and it was agreed that further work be undertaken to consider how the Healthy Weight Strategy could address these opportunities once further information had been received.


Mrs Dennison then outlined key next steps for the new year including further campaigns around healthy lunch boxes and fizzy drinks and engagement with partners including headteachers of schools.


Board members expressed concern that many of the initiatives were not being implemented by partners. In order to address this concern members agreed that a summit on healthy weight be organised where stakeholders could receive assistance and guidance and sign up to a number of initiatives. The Board agreed to consider in the future scrutiny of partners who had not undertaken to assist in the delivery of the strategy.




1.      To  note updates on:


progress with the implementation of the Healthier Weight Strategy


The government’s recently released National Child Obesity Strategy: A Plan for Action (August 2016).


2.      To organise a multi-agency summit to share best practice with partners including Academy schools.




To present and demonstrate the evidence based plan of work which Healthwatch Blackpool intends to carry out over the course of the 2016/17 financial year.


Additional documents:


The Board received the Healthwatch Priorities Survey and Workplan for 2016/17.


Mr Steven Garner, Healthwatch Blackpool Service Manager, presented the workplan and the survey to members. He highlighted the identification of 5 key areas namely:

GP Surgeries, Emergency Services, Adult Mental Health, Blackpool Hospital
and Care Homes.
He then explained the responses had therefore resulted in a work plan as follows:

July and August:                      Care Home reviews

September and October:        Blackpool Hospital

November and December:     Adult Mental Health Services

January and February:            GP Surgeries

March and April:                     Emergency Services (including Accident and Emergency,               blue light services and 111)


In response to questions from the Board Mr Garner and Mr Eddy Jackson, Healthwatch representative confirmed that they felt the responses to the consultation exercise were representative but had hoped to learn from the experience for the future







1.      To note the report at Appendix 5a and its findings.


2.      To agree that all future reports cconsider how the work of Healthwatch Blackpool can assist with the aims and duties of the Health and Wellbeing Board.


3.      To encourage board partners to share best practice in consultation with Blackpool Healthwatch.


4.      To receive regular updates on the work of Blackpool Healthwatch.




To receive a presentation giving an overview of the Better Start programme in Blackpool and progress to date.


Additional documents:


The Board received a presentation on the operation of the Blackpool Better Start initiative from Merle Davies, Director, Blackpool Centre for Early Child Development.


In the first year of delivery Blackpool Better Start interventions benefited nearly 2,000 children and families and over 600 members of the early years workforce.


The Blackpool Centre for Early Child Development has been heavily involved in the re-commissioning of the 0-19 Health Pathway and have been working with the Council’s Public Health team to ensure that the early years element provided to families is high quality support in the mandated, universal and targeted offer. The team are working with South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust on the Enhanced Healthy Child Pathway (ECHP), this work enables Early Years professionals to have the opportunity to share positive work and challenges and develop together the vision of the future pathway.


The partnership is working with Alain Gregoire (Chair of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance) on Perinatal Mental Health Pathway for Blackpool. The Maternal Mental Health Alliance has funding for three years to develop tools which can be used to evaluate pathways and services which will improve mental health outcomes for mothers, and infants during pregnancy and the first year after birth.


The targeted interventions which are being implemented are all evidence based or based on good evidence and the team work closely with the program developers to ensure they met the needs of Blackpool parents. Currently the team are working closely with the University of Michigan to be the first place in the UK to deliver ‘Survivor Mum’s’ and working with University of Birmingham to evaluate its for further use in the UK.




To note the presentation on the Better Start programme.




FORWARD PLAN pdf icon PDF 206 KB

To consider the draft Forward Plan for the Health and Wellbeing Board.


Additional documents:



To note the dates of future meetings as follows:


30 November 2016

18 January 2017

1 March 2017

19 April 2017



To note the dates of future meetings as follows:


30 November 2016

18 January 2017

1 March 2017

19 April 2017