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Meeting: 05/11/2018 - Executive (Item 6.)


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The Executive agreed the recommendations as outlined above namely:


1. To note the York Aviation Report as set out in the executive summary (Appendix 6a, to the Executive report) including:

  1. That future sustainable operation should focus upon the provision of services to support the offshore energy sector and in supporting corporate and executive aviation, aviation training and general aviation activity, with a limited potential for future operation of regional public service obligation (PSO) passenger services.
  2. That it is essential that the existing offshore support contracts are retained to enable the airport to continue at its present level of profitable operation and afford time for additional revenue earning activity to be secured.
  3. That continued modest capital and revenue investment will be required, particularly in air navigation aids, air traffic control and replacement aircraft hangars, to maintain the present level of profitable operation.
  4. That very significant investment in the realms of £10s of millions would be required in new operational facilities, particularly aprons, taxiways and aircraft hangarage facilities to allow the release the frontage sites for development as part of the Enterprise Zone proposals.
  5. That there are currently very limited market prospects for a return of extensive scheduled and inclusive tour passenger services from Blackpool Airport other than at a level which would result in the airport operating at a significant financial loss.
  6. To note that any funding for initial activity to support the relocation of aviation facilities and strategic purchase of property required to implement the indicative York Aviation airport master-plan, will be met from the approved Enterprise Zone budget for the next three years in accordance with the approved Enterprise Zone Delivery Plan.


2. That the revised masterplan drawing at Appendix 6c, to the Executive report replaces the original (masterplan drawing) as approved in February 2018.


3. To request Squires Gate Airport Operations Limited to develop a Business Plan for the short, medium and long term based on York Aviation’s recommendations including the key findings above.


4. To authorise the Council’s Director of Communications and Regeneration to agree terms for the retention of York Aviation to advise and support the Council and Squires Gate Airport Operations Limited in relation to the Operational Management Contract and timely migration of the Air Navigation Service Provider and Aerodrome licences to Squires Gate Airport Operations Limited.


5. That a further report be prepared setting out options for the future relationship between Squires Gate Airport Operations Limited and BAPL (Blackpool Airport Properties Limited), the role of BAPL in the delivery of the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone and to bring forward the business case to support activity to implement the recommendations for relocation of operational facilities and aircraft hangars to enable release of land for commercial Enterprise Zone development.


6. To authorise the Director of Communications and Regeneration to continue to explore opportunities for securing external investment in the Airport and Enterprise Zone through joint venture partnerships and leasehold disposal of land for construction of private aviation hangars, maintenance facilities, fixed base operations for corporate aviation  ...  view the full decision text for item 6.