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Meeting documents

Licensing Decisions
Thursday, 6th June, 2013


The Application

Oggies Bar, 31-33 Queen Street has the benefit of a premises licence authorising the sale of alcohol and provision of regulated entertainment.

The premises licence holder is Oggie's Bar Limited. The designated premises supervisor is John Lambert.

In March 2013 a panel of the Licensing Committee heard an application from Lancashire Constabulary to review the premises licence issued in respect of the venue. At the hearing the panel determined that the premises licence should be revoked. An appeal was lodged and the premises remains open to trade pending the outcome of that appeal which is listed for hearing in July 2013.

On 10th May 2013 the licensing service received an application for a summary review of the premises licence from Lancashire Constabulary on the ground that the premises are associated with serious disorder. A copy of the application is attached at Appendix 4a.

The legislation requires that within 48 hours of receiving such an application, the licensing authority must decide whether it is necessary to take any interim steps pending the determination of the review applied for. On 10th May 2013 members of a Licensing Panel determined that it was necessary to take the interim step of suspending the licence. Notice to this effect was served on the premises. These interim steps were reviewed at the request of the Premises Licence holder on the 15th May 2013 and the decision was made to uphold these interim steps.

The Applicant

The review has been submitted by Lancashire Constabulary

Relevant Representations

Additional relevant representations have been received from the Licensing Authority attached at Appendix 4b.

Local Policy Considerations


National Guidance

Where the licensing authority considers that action under its statutory powers are appropriate, it may take the following steps:
1. Modify the conditions of the premises licence
2. Exclude a licensable activity
3. Remove the Designated Premises Supervisor
4. Suspend the licence for a period not exceeding three months
5. Revoke the licence.



Background Papers



The Licensing Panel is requested to consider the application for the summary review of the premises licence for Oggie's Bar, 31-33 Queen Street.

Record of Hearing

In accordance with the Licensing Act 2003

Panel Members

Councillor Hardy in the Chair Councillors Cox and Hutton

Declarations of Interests

There were no declarations of interest.

Panel Advisers

Mrs S Davies, Principal Solicitor Licensing
Mrs B Jarvis, Senior Democratic Services Adviser
Applicant/Applicant's Representative(s) in attendance


Other Parties

Time permitted to speak

The Panel did not cosider it necessary to allocate a time to speak on this occasion.
Time Hearing Commenced

11:40 AM
Time Hearing Terminated

11:50 AM

The Panel deemed that no action was necessary on the basis that the original decision taken on 5th March 2013 to revoke the licence would take effect following the withdrawal of the appeal that had been previously lodged by the appellant and this being the case there was no premises licence currently in place to review.

To take no further action.