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Agenda item


To consider the Car Parking Performance Annual Report 2018-2019.


Mr Philip Welsh, Head of Tourism and Communications, and Councillor Mark Smith, Cabinet Member for Business, Enterprise and Job Creation, presented the Car Parking Performance Annual Report 2018-2019. The report outlined the trends in on-street and off-street parking during 2018-2019, the programme for replacing parking equipment and the income for the Council.


The Committee queried if any consideration had been given to reserving car parking in car parks adjacent to Blackpool Football Club’s Bloomfield Road ground during matches for those attending. Members reported that these car parks were often full on match days with those using them not attending a match and forcing people to park elsewhere creating issues. It was suggested that by reserving the car parks during times when a match is taking place would force those not attending to park closer to the town centre, with benefits for local businesses. Mr Welsh responded that although there were potential difficulties in reserving car parks in this manner, the Council had a close working relationship with the football club and could discuss the issue of fan parking with them.


Members also queried if the income figures for on-street and off-street parking could be combined to give an overall figure. Mr Welsh responded that the possibility would be investigated for future reports although he noted that differing patterns in on-street and off-street parking could make combining figures difficult.


The upgrade of parking equipment, such as pay and display machines, was also discussed. Members asked if the cost of the work was available. In response Councillor Smith stated that the work was being undertaken to ensure that each car park allowed parking to be paid for in a variety of ways, whether by cash or card. The programme of work was ongoing and ensured that each car park would have its machines regularly upgraded. Mr Welsh added that the parking service was exploring the potential to introduce a Parking App to enable drivers to pay for parking via their mobile phones.


Access to the Seasiders Way Car Park was queried by the Committee. It was reported that the current access and exits were unsuitable during busy periods and Members asked if any consideration had been given to improve the car park’s layout. Mr Welsh responded that he would raise the issue with the highways team.


The report referred to the loss of town centre on-street parking, caused by the tramway extension on Talbot Road, and the creation of additional spaces in the south of Blackpool. Members queried if the replacement of parking in the town centre could be adequately compensated by additional parking in the south of the town. Mr Welsh responded that the Council had a Car Parking Strategy that aimed to ensure that there was adequate parking in the centre of Blackpool, Mr Alan Cavill, Director of Regeneration and Communication, added that the loss of on-street parking in the town centre was not linked to the creation of additional space in the south of Blackpool.


The Committee also asked what plans the Council had for Christmas parking during 2019. Councillor Smith responded that a similar scheme to that used in 2018 would be implemented during 2019 and that an announcement would be made shortly.


The Committee agreed that Members be provided with a link to the Car Parking Strategy.

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